SolX Energy Emperor Series

From Thomas Edison Solar

Introducing the most efficient air conditioner on the planet

SolX Energy introduces the latest advancement in hybrid HVAC technology. The ThermX Emperor Series of residential ducted heating and cooling system is designed with your family’s comfort in mind. The ThermX Emperor is the most efficient system on the planet.

Utilizing variable speed compression, as well as incorporated Advanced Solar Thermal technology, it provides quiet, reliable, and cost-effective comfort for your home. Systems are capable of exceeding 28 SEER or more. That translates to significantly less operating costs compared to other high efficiency systems.


  • The Emperor Series heat pump uses Silent Technology to deliver
    sound levels as low as 56dB, up to 50% less noise than other
    standard home comfort systems.
  • Advanced blade design provides vortex suppression to reduce the sound of airflow exiting the unit, maintaining low noise levels even in high speed operation.
  • Insulated compressor compartments minimize operating noise
    with innovative, industry leading materials and sound isolating
    compressor mounts.
  • The ThermX solar component keeps your system running at lower
    speeds longer, when compared to a traditional DC inverter system,
    making an already quiet system… stay quiet longer.

Compact and Flexible

Unlike many versions of higher-efficiency system available, the cabinet sizes are more accommodating to smaller spaces, like closets and attics. The Emperor air handler may very well fit where other brands may not.

Just one 6′ x 6′ ThermX solar panel makes all the difference. Taking only as much space as 2 photovoltaic panels, the energy saved can equal up to 20 panels or more!

The ThermX solar panel can be mounted onto a variety of roof surfaces, such as asphalt shingle, tile or metal. Ground mounting and pole mounting systems are also possible.


The Emperor Series heat pump with ThermX was designed for affordable comfort. Not only will it lower your energy costs, but requires no additional servicing beyond your industry standard maintenance. The reduced cost of cooling and heating your home will quickly offset your smart investment. Talk to Thomas Edison Solar today, and experience for yourself the benefits of owning a ThermX Emperor heat pump.

Hybrid Solar Savings

Electric Baseboard
Hybrid Solar

The savings to be realized with hybrid solar depends on the cost per BTU of your fuel, and the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Shown here is a cost comparison (using average fuel costs and system efficiency rates) for each type of system to produce 13,000 BTUs per hour.

What the chart doesn’t show is that the electricity cost to run a hybrid solar unit when the sun is shining is $0. Free!