LEZETi Hybrid Solar A/C

From Thomas Edison Solar

Save on Cooling Costs Using the Sun To Power Your A/C

The LEZETi hybrid solar air conditioner runs on DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, a charge controller, or batteries. The solar DC power directly replaces and significantly reduces the power normally required from the utility grid, cutting daytime energy costs for air conditioning.

The LEZETi system is designed for hybrid operation with the solar panels providing most of the energy needed during daylight hours supplemented with grid power as the incoming DC power decreases. During the day, when the unit gets most of its power from solar, the resulting efficiency can be above SEER 35 when using a minimum of 2 solar PV panels. This air conditioner must always be connected to a 220/240VAC power source and is not designed for off-grid operation.


GREEN technology supports minimal impact upon the environment by harnessing up to 90% renewable solar energy during peak sun hours to power this advanced Hybrid A/C system.

  • HYBRID design utilizes a “smart-circuit” function that automatically pulls from grid as sunlight varies and voltage drops.
  • DIRECT DC design allows direct solar PV power to run the unit with no inverter required, thus eliminating any loss of efficiency.
  • AHRI CERTIFIED as an EnergyStar rated SEER21 Split System.
  • ANTI-CORROSION coating for sea-salt protection and enhanced
  • QUIET operation highly attractive for any type of setting.
  • ANTI-MILDEW feature minimizes mildew growth in the evaporator for enhanced air quality and minimal routine maintenance.
  • FOLLOW ME remote for spot area cooling.
  • IONIZED air purification feature minimizes dust absorbed into the unit.
  • ECO MODE lowers power draw for additional power savings.
    (not functional during turbo mode)


The LETZi unit can utilize the maximum amount of available solar power drawn from the PV modules during the day and supplement the grid-tied utility power, with no need for batteries. Even when the sun is not shining at all, this ultra high-efficiency air conditioner (A SEER 21 rating without solar and SEER 35 with solar) will keep you comfortable and save you money using far less electricity than a normal air conditioner of the same capacity.

  • Direct DC Zero Feedback to Grid
  • Save up to 70% on A/C Cooling Costs
  • Qualifies for State & Federal Credits in the U.S.
  • No Utility Approval Required
  • Attractive payback with state and federal credits available


This LEZETi unit installs exactly like a normal mini-split air conditioner. Standard MC4 solar connectors and cabling can be used to connect the solar panels directly to the A/C unit.

Office/Small Business

Keep the work area comfortable during business hours for pennies per day. Cool an optimal space of 750 sq ft.

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Mixed-used Properties
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Mobile/Temporary Trailers
  • Portable Classrooms
  • Educational Facilities

Keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs. Prevents daytime heat build-up and cuts evening cooling costs.

  • Single Family Residence
  • Home Owner Residence
  • Low Rise/Town Homes
  • Low Rise/Apartment Buildings
  • Additions, Renovations

Hybrid Solar Savings

Electric Baseboard
Hybrid Solar

The savings to be realized with hybrid solar depends on the cost per BTU of your fuel, and the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Shown here is a cost comparison (using average fuel costs and system efficiency rates) for each type of system to produce 13,000 BTUs per hour.

What the chart doesn’t show is that the electricity cost to run a hybrid solar unit when the sun is shining is $0. Free!